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Merlie's Garden Seed Starter Kits

Brand Visual Identity Design

Merlie's Garden is a seed starter kit company that focuses on giving beginner planters the confidence and tools to succeed on growing their first plant. This project was created for my Major Studio Project college course. The concept is based on a friend's dream business idea, so I created a branding visual identity to spark inspiration. Merlie's Garden focuses on the therapeutic benefits to growing plants for the busy millennial. Most people enjoy the idea of growing their own plants, but are worried that they won't be able to succeed on their own. Merlie's Garden takes this into consideration to craft the best seed starting kit for beginners.

The brand identity is targeting millennials who like to try new things but perhaps do not have the time to do research on the best materials to start on their seed growing journey. Merlie's Garden's branding is trendy, yet therapeutic, to appeal to this demographic and also stand out from other seed starting kits in the market. 

Project Software


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


User Personas

Lazy Daisy Breakfast Café


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