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Nomad Body Lotion

Package Design

Nomad Body Lotion is a consumer-grade body lotion company that takes influence from different nature biomes for the scents, making the user feel like they have a piece of that landscape inside a bottle. The package design is covered with impressionistic paintings of these landscapes, giving the association of fluidity and whimsy that these spaces make us feel when we are in them. This lotion line is targeted towards young adult females who enjoy beautiful packaging for the products they use because they use them everyday and feel as though it is apart of their identity. Thinking of an ocean or a rainforest when looking at the packaging and smelling the product will give them the joyful experience as if they were transported there.

I created this packaging for my major studio project class at Humber college, and I wanted to create a product to appeal to my love of natural landscapes and whimsical design. The feeling of entering into a Bath & Body Works store and seeing the eye-catching label designs, reading the labels, along with smelling and testing the products is a pleasure that a lot of people experience and look forward to when going to the mall. I kept this in mind when designing this product packaging.

Project Software


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop



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