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We Got You Live!

Social Media Content & Live Series

Life at Humber is a social media channel run by Humber College students to inform the Humber community about Student Services and how to access them. The We Got You Live! web series was an Instagram and YouTube series in which we interviewed service representatives about upcoming events and resources provided by the service. 

I created the Logo for the web series, along with templates for Instagram Posts and YouTube Videos. The series branding had to coincide with the current Student Services branding guidelines, but also entice viewers with our own voice. 

Project Software


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Premiere Pro

We Got You Live-logo.png

Logo Sketches

I was inspired by iconography that brought together the ideas of a live show and Humber College. Humber College's mascot is a hawk, so I incorporated hawk wings in the design and paired it with a microphone to allude to giving the community a platform to express themselves.


Vertical Farms Print Feature


Humber SSE Handouts


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